Humanities and social science:

  • Spell out from one through hundred
  • Spell out round numbers followed by hundred, thousand, million
  • Use a hyphen for two words number: fifty-five
  • All other: Arabic numerals

Topic relies on numerical data

  • Spell out single-digit numbers
  • Use numerals for all others


  • Use numerals for all
  • Except when beginning a sentence


Never begin a sentence with a numeral.

Two hundred fifty soldiers in …

Of the soldiers in the unit, 250 escaped injury and 175 …

>100, omit the work and

Two hundred and fifty


Compared, expressed in numerals

We analyzed 62 cases; of these, 59 had occurred in adults and 3 in children.

Two sets of items in close proximity: spell out numbers in one set and use numerals for all numbers in the other

Within the program, 8 children showed some improvement after six months and 37 showed …. After eighteen months.


Spell out the word percent (not percentage)

Only 9 percent

Put a zero in front of a decimal fraction of less than 1.00 if 范围>1, otherwise, omit zero

A mean of 0.73

A loss of 0.08





21/2 feet


Times of days

Every Thursday around ten-thirty in the morning

Exact times

End at 11:00 a.m., the council meeting ran until 1:47p.m.


In their thirties or forties

In the late 1990s

To fly 767s, the p…


Word: From and to

Hyphen with no space

Do not combine

From 45 to 50


The years 1933-36

The winter of 1999-2000


Not followed by st,nd,rd,th

On November 22, 1963

By March 1865

In spring 2006

June 11th,1986



Three reasons for xx: (1)adxxxxx,(2)mmmmm, and (3)nnnn.

Has several drawbacks: (a) fdafafda and (b) fdafdasfa.

Greater emphasis, arrange them in a vertical list

My research therefore suggests the following conclusions:

  1.  Dsafyng
  2. Yanfda



I. Wars of the

     A. United States

             1. Civil War, 1981-65

                            a)       Cause

                                     (1)     Slavery

                                             (a)     Compromise

                                                             i)                     Aaa

                                                             ii)                   Bbb


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